Problems (Threats) on our country are things which damage our targets. They include things which might damage or offend our traditional cultural beliefs and sacred sites. Many of the issues on our country come from things that were done in the past, like creating bores for water or introducing feral animals. Other issues are things that might happen in the future, like climate change or too many careless visitors.

Thinking carefully about the things that threaten our country helps us to decide which problems are the most serious and which ones are not so important. Giving a rating to each threat helps us to focus our activities so that the things we do can have the greatest benefit on the ground. We have thought a lot about which things are damaging our country. The problems we will focus on are:

  • Uncontrolled Fire
  •  Drought
  •  Chemical use
  •  Pigs and Goats
  •  Knowledge not Passed on
  •  Mining
  •  Deer
  •  Cats and Dogs
  •  Noxious Weeds
  •  Disease in Animals
  •  Introduced Fish
  •  Live Stock
  •  Plant Disease
  •  Wind

We have rated the seriousness of each issue for each of the targets and have given a colour to each rating (Very High: red, High: yellow, Medium: light green, Low: dark green). One of the aims of our Healthy Country Plan is to convert as many of the yellow boxes (High threat) to green (Medium and Low threat) as we can.

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