• enterprise

    Enterprise Opportunities

    GOAL Banbai people are not as dependent on Government for income in 2020 as they are in 2013 Maintain at least the 2013 level of income into Banbai Business Enterprises

  • structure

    Operations and Infrastructure Maintenance

    GOAL Infrastructure on Wattleridge and Tarriwa Kurrukun supports Banbai aspirations for management of country and economic development

  • owl1

    Mitigate the Impacts of Mining

    OBJECTIVE No mining in the area on Wattleridge and Tarriwa Kurrukun and upstream places that impact Wattleridge and Tarriwa Kurrukun

  • creek

    Creeks and Wetland Restoration

    GOAL Creeks and wetlands have clear, running and abundant water, and aquatic life during good seasons.

  • granite

    Cultural Heritage and Knowledge Management

    OBJECTIVE All Banbai Traditional Knowledge that we can record from people is recorded and used before that knowledge goes

  • Gomphocarpus

    Noxious weed control

    OBJECTIVE To reduce the 2013 area of noxious weeds on Tarriwa and Wattle Ridge over the next 5 years (by 2018)

  • goats

    Introduced Pest Control

    OBJECTIVE Stop the growth in the population of pigs and goats and their damage throughout Wattleridge and Tarriwa Kurrukun by 2020

  • Fire Management

    Fire Management

    OBJECTIVES To minimise the risk of uncontrolled fire and reduce fuel loads on Tarriwa Kurrukun and Wattle Ridge over a period of 10 years Re-introduce cultural burns through Wattlerldge and Tarriwa Kurrukun to reduce the risk of wildfire and promote the health of country by 2025