Creeks and Wetland Restoration

Creeks and wetlands have clear, running and abundant water, and aquatic life during good seasons.

Wattleridge is bounded by the Sara River flowing to the north with, picturesque creeks and tumbling waterfalls. Tarriwa Kurrukun has two main water systems; Upland Wetlands and Moredun and Limestone Creeks.
Moredun and Limestone Creeks drain from the east into the McIntyre River and ultimately the Darling River. These creeks form part of the eastern drainage lines of the Murray Darling Basin.
The Upland Wetlands of the New England Tablelands are listed as a threatened ecological community under the EPBC Act. The Upland Wetlands are characterised by an absence (or near absence) of peat underlying the vegetation. The wetlands may have permanent water, intermittent water or ephemeral water.
The Upland Wetlands found within the IPA are considered to be characterised by ephemeral water – that is an ecological community without free standing water for a majority of the year (Crew et al. 2009). These wetlands provide an important resource for migratory bird species as well as a habitat for aquatic species. A number of potentially threatened species occur in association with Upland Wetlands.