The IPAs are located in the New England Tablelands Bioregion which is dominated by dry open eucalypt forests and woodlands, with a diverse flora (Kennedy 2010).

The majority of the vegetation within the IPAs has a woodland and forest structure. In more protected sites tall open forests develop, while heaths and open woodlands develop in areas of impeded drainage. Some specialised communities such as mallee and Sphagnum swamps also occur (Hunter 2003). Detailed descriptions of vegetation are contained in Hunter 2003 and Kennedy 2010 and 2012.

The flora of Wattleridge, dominated by stringybarks, mallee, grassy woodlands are in good condition. On the Tarriwah IPA the eucalypt open forests are in good ecological condition with large numbers of old trees, a complex, diverse understorey, high densities of ground orchids and high volumes of fallen timber. The vegetation of the IPAs requires careful fire management planning.

Many individual species are of conservation significance on the Wattleridge and Tarriwa Kurrukun IPAs, a very high number for properties of this size. The number of significant species may increase with further investigation (Hunter 2003).

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