The Banbai plan covers a period of 5 years, and overall responsibility for its implementation rests with the Directors supported by an Operational team of employed staff (Coordinator and Rangers), as well as the broader Banbai community. To make the Plan work will need coordination of annual work programs and reporting on what has been done and what has been achieved. A Plan Coordinator (to be appointed), in conjunction with the CEO will complete an annual Project Work Plan that implements the Projects set out in the Plan.

The Ranger Team will produce Quarterly Work Plans that reflect, on a month by month basis, the aims and objectives of the years’ Annual Work Plan. To make sure that the actions and achievements of the Plan are properly documented and to help the Operations team monitor progress, they will also complete Quarterly, Annual, and mid-term reports (see section below). On the ground Banbai rangers will now be able to annually prioritise activities – what we do first. With the necessary resources, these activities will be implemented and the results monitored to track the desired improvements to the health of our identified targets.

planning and reporting