Target Banbai People

The Banbai people’s ongoing connection to their country dates back thousands of years. Banbai’s membership includes people formally inducted into the Banbai nation membership, who also have close affiliation with the Kamilaroi Nation (Crew et al 2009)

Wattleridge was declared an Indigenous Protected Area (IPA) in June 2001 and Tarriwa Kurrukun in 2009. Funding through the Australian Government’s Indigenous Protected Areas program supports management of both properties, and the Banbai community hopes to make both self-sufficient.

Throughout their country there are a range of cultural locations which provide evidence of how people lived in this area. This included occupation and resource exploitation and processing activities (Crew et al 2009:30). The IPAs contain a number of significant sites and isolated artefacts (Caring for Our Country 2009), including many places that were historically critical to the prosperity of the Banbai people.

Banbai people want to continue their connection to, and use of, country to sustain them. Part of that connection comes through the management and use of the two Indigenous Protected Areas: Tarriwa Kurrukun and Wattleridge. As well as working on the values that are represented on the properties, Banbai people want to ensure that their community is maintained and strengthened.

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